Walls and ceiling panel system

Wall system


Made of individual modular panels, with a maximum joint width of 6 mm. The partition wall system design facilitates the dismantling of any individual panel, to provide easy access for later installations, alterations or repair work.



• Stainless steel (grade AISI 304 or 316),polished or powder coated.

• Galvanized steel, powder coated.

• Glass fixed on steel frame, available with decorative photos.


The panels are installed to the wall on substructure made of galvanized steel. All internal corner wall

panels are curved and easy to clean. Special silicone gaskets is used as a sealing between panels, frames, windows. Panels can be powder coated according to RAL palette, optionally with antibacterial paint.



Heat resistance:

double-layered wall panel: 1,75 m2*K/W

single-layered wall panel: 1,60 m2*K/W.

Sound insulation:

double-layered wall panel: Rw(C;Ctr) =57 (-4, -12) dB.

Air permeability:

0,3 m3/hm2 (hypertension and hypotension 500 Pa).


Ceiling system


• Metal ceiling is made of individually detachable panels with standard dimensions 600 x 600 mm.

• The substructure is made of galvanized steel.

• Panels are fixed in clip-in system.



• Galvanized or stainless steel, powder coated, optionally with antibacterial paint.

• Standard colour is RAL 9010. Other color available optionally.

• Matt, washable, light resistance surface.

• Dust-free, abrasion-proof, corrosion resistant, non-hygroscopic.


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