Control system INFIMED OPERA

Opera control system

Provides better and easier control of the devices in the operating room from a single location. The system is very flexible, open, modular, can be adjusted to comply the client’s expectations and requirements, accordingly to the above shown solutions. Can be operated from wall mounted control panel or wirelessly from mobile device.

The product is safe and secure and it is a certified Class I Medical Device manufactured in accordance

with the ISO 9001, 13485 and other European standards. It provides a fully intuitive operation thanks

to a simple and user-friendly interface, thereby minimizing the possibility of misuse and avoiding improper treatment operations.


Infimed Opera’s main features
- Certified Class I medical device,

- Very easy to clean and maintain infection-free, integrated touch glass ensures flat surface with the panel, very high rated touch panel - IP65 (dust tight and water proof),

- Comes integrated with the OR wall panel or separate standalone mounted panel,

- Also available as a wireless handheld mobile device - IP67 certification for water and dust ingress, the ability to with stand extremely high temperatures and drop tested to 1.2 meters according to MIL STD 810G standard. Long battery life, non-slip coating exterior, ensuring firm grip, even in rough working conditions, wall mounted docking station with fast charging option,

- Meeting client’s individual needs and expectations by customizing the setup to existing installation or the additional requirements,

- Large clock on main tab and stopwatch/timer option in the software (external on-wall digital clock available which can be connected to the system, has synchronization option - with the NTP server or using external GPS antenna),

- BMS integration feature,

- Displaying of OR environment status – actual temperature and humidity, fault and warnings,

- Medical Gas status display and alarm option (external Alarm speaker/buzzer available with mute feature).


Ability to control :

- Operating tables (*Infimed’s OTs – all parameters synchronized),

- Operating lights (*Infimed’s OLs – all parameters synchronized),

- General lights (standard and DALI interface – dimming feature),

- Air conditioning [analog 0-10V domain (*4-20mA as an option) and digital domain (MODBUS) available],

- Cameras control – the ones in OLs plus room cameras,

- Audio-Video routing,

- Audio-Video streamers, recorders,

- Blinds,

- External Illuminated Information/Warning Signs.


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