System doors and windows


We use only the best material grades, in stainless steel doors there are no elements made of aluminium or galvanised steel. In all doors, even the reinforcements inside the door leafs, bolts, washers, rivets are made of stainless steel 304. 

Door and frame structure

Our doors can be made in various solutions, as per  customer needs, for example

  • rebated doors
  • non rebated doors
  • doors with internal reinforcement at the bottom of the door leafs
  • doors with lead insert, reinforced adequately to the insert thickness
  • door frames mounted on the wall surface (frontal or side assembly)
  • door frames mounted under the wall surface (frontal or side assembly)
  • door frames fully covering the wall 


The doors are insulated inside with foam. The foam is delivered inside of the door with the help of specially designed moulds. During the filling of the door leafs process, the foam freely flows down and doesn’t produce any empty spaces inside the leaf while foaming.

The filling density is ca. 50 kg/ m3. Upon client’s request, the bottom of the door leaf may be reinforced at the bottom by means of fitting of a special hard insert inside the door leaf. 

X-ray doors 

X-RAY doors can be constructed as sliding or hinged and made from stainless steel or coated galvanized steel. The lead insertion can be 0,5 mm, 1,0 mm, 1,5 mm, 2 mm etc. and the door is individually constructed for each non typical project. The usual solution is the lead insertion of 1-2mm.

The doors can be equipped with lead acrylic glass.  

Hermetic doors

The hermetic medical doors are made of stainless steel with brushed surface or epoxy coated.

The door leaves are filled with highly-compressed polyurethane foam, providing thermal and acoustic insulation at the same time, assuring light weight and rigidity of the leaf.

The doors are tailored to individual customer’s requirements: the dimensions, different shapes and sizes of vision windows, door handles, door frames, optional use of automatics supplied by renowned manufacturers with different activation options.


Observation windows flushing with walls, double glazed.

Optionally can be equipped with electrically operated shutters, fogging function and lead glass.

Pass-through windows


  • The window consists of two separate glass panes: fixed upper part and sliding lower part, moving on vertical tracks.
  • The movement is facilitated by mechanism balancing weight for easy opening. The sliding part
  • can be set in any position.
  • Made of stainless steel. Optionally can be produced with lead glass.
  • Dimensions according to individual customer needs.
  • Flushed with will panels.
  • Optionally can also be fixed into the door leaf.



  • Both side hinged doors, with interlocking feature (preventing opening of both at the same time).
  • Electromagnetic or mechanic opening system.
  • Hermetic closing.
  • Vision window made of safe glass.
  • Made of stainless steel, including handles. Optionally can be produced with lead protection.
  • Dimensions according to individual customer needs.
  • Flushed with will panels.




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